“MCSTs face problems with collecting money because payments are still being reconciled to invoices manually.


Errors & Omissions

Data entry errors 

SPs forget to enter the unit number




Late payment interest


Hidden Cost

Low productivity 

More paperwork

How Can QuickPay Help?

QuickPay is a fully automated solution for ensuring MCST payments are accurate, complete, and secure.

“No more disputes over payments.”
quickpay solves ver 2

What is QuickPay?

e-payments for MCSTs

MFSF bills

Booking fees, deposits


Unique PayNow QR

QR codes contain invoice amount, reference number

3 Ways to play

Statement of Account QR code

Qommunity Resident App


Automated Reconciliation

Updates MCST’s accounting ledgers instantly

quickpay iPhone 14 Pro payment

How Does QuickPay  Benefit your MCST?

quickpay revenue
quickpay convenience ver 2

QuickPay Is Better Than Static QR

quickpay Is Better Than Static QR

Flow of Funds Using DBS-QuickPay

*Image courtesy of DBS*

quickpay dbs funds flow

QuickPay Risks & Mitigating Controls


Third Party Control

Bank has waived right of set-off; account effectively works like escrow

Payments Go Missing

Payments instantly posted to MCST’s ledger accounts

Collections tallied daily to MCST’s bank statement

Unauthorised Withdrawals

Only automated server-to-server instructions

No access by ibanking, ATM, chequebook

Fraudulent Transfers

Each payment tracked electronically with a unique transaction ID number

QuickPay Risks & Mitigating Controls


Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 9.51.41 AM

QuickPay FAQs


Questions Answers

Can Payer use any PayNow-enabled bank account?


Can MCST operate any bank account?


How do payments flow from Payer to MCST?

2 Options Available:

Direct to MCST bank account and Indirect through DBS Collection Account.

When are payments transferred into the MCST bank account?

Immediate and same day

What are the fees?

(a) Transaction fees*:

50c per transaction

(b) QuickPay platform fees*:
$5 per month for every 50 units

*applies for new customers without pre-agreed contracts.

Any documents to be signed?

Consent form

QuickPay Cost Savings Computation 

quickpay cost benefit large
Large Estate:

Net savings $1,000 per annum

quickpay cost benefits
Small Estate:

Net savings $280 per annum




Large Estate (1000 units)

Small Estate (100 units)


Transaction costs




QuickPay facility fees




Net Total Cost

$4,400 per annum

$200 per annum



Increase in Booking Fees



2 Savings on Printing & Postage





(Revenue Increase + Savings)

$5,400 per annum

$480 per annum

QuickPay Enabled by Qornerstone Estate

QuickPay is available on Qornerstone Estate – a modern, cloud-based software for managing strata-titled estates.

Modules include strata, billings, finance, and maintenance work together with apps for Residents and Staff.

quickpay enabled

Closing the Loop for Accounts Payables on Qornerstone Estate

  • Switching from cheques to e-payments to pay supplier invoices.
  • MCST must operate a DBS, OCBC or UOB account.
  • Bank charges: 20c per transaction

If MCST opens a DBS account – FREE first 50 payments each month.


quickpay accounts payable secction
quickpay closing loop



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