A better way to handle estate payments

Low transaction fees from as little as 29 cents

Residents can pay from any bank account on FAST network

No forms to fill, just scan PayNow QR code to make payment

Instant payment confirmation and account balance update

Automated payment reconciliation & book-keeping entries

Fully digital process to eliminate paperwork and save time


Safe and Accurate

Handling cash is time-consuming. There is also a risk of loss due to misappropriation. GIRO payments can go ‘missing’. If payment is made without including correct or full payer details, payments might be overlooked.

QuickPay™ ensures cash safety and accounting accuracy.


Modern and Secure

Cutting cheques is inconvenient for residents and takes up a lot of time for your estate manager.

Cheques will be phased out completely by 2025, so don’t get stuck in obsolete processes.


Save Time and Money

Saving time for your bookkeeper may translate to savings for your estate. QuickPay™ payments are
reconciled automatically. Residents get notified instantly on payment success, while the system updates the books.

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Digital transformation for MCST Estates Starts with QuickPay™

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See how you can get your estate on QuickPay™ to simplify how you make payments.

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Discover how QuickPay™ can get rid of paperwork and boost your productivity.

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