Smart Commercial and Residential Property Management Begins with Data.

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Finance, Leasing, Strata and Facilities Management on a single cloud-based platform

Property management relies heavily on manpower and paper-based tasks. Workflows are long, complex and involve many different groups of stakeholders. Qornerstone Estate is a modern and comprehensive cloud-based ERP software specialised for property management with modules for: Financial Accounting and Reporting, Leasing and Contract Management, Facilities Management and Residential (or Strata) Management. Trusted by various Singapore Government agencies, hospitals and leading property managers, Qornerstone Estate can scale up and down to meet your property management needs.

Digital Transformation for Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) and Facilities Management companies face daunting challenges to digitalise. Workflows are extraordinarily complex and multiple user interfaces are required to overcome staff resistance to technology. To shorten your time to positive ROI, choose a mature ERP platform like Qornerstone Estate. The platform was dveloped with inputs from leading practitioners like CBM, CPG FM and Knight Frank, and caters to the needs of Single Owners as well. Comprehensive modules include adhoc work management, preventive maintenance, FM budgeting, inventory management, supplier and supplier contracts management, and offers schedule of rates by suppliers and comes with web portal and mobile app.

Leasing Management and Strata Management

Qornerstone Estate is the only leading property management platform for strata management and leasing in Singapore with e-payments and automated reconciliation for both Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables. The entire billing cycle can now be automated from invoicing to collections and even includes payments to suppliers (Insider tip: Ask about our free e-invoicing portal for suppliers).

Powerful Reporting Helps Organisations Measure ESG and Asset Yields

Qornerstone Estate helps organisations to digitalise and organise volumes of property management data from rental yields to the cost of maintaining built assets. This is a necessary first step towards SMART FM, giving you data levers to adjust maintenance expenditures and achieve optimal asset yields. Graphical dashboards and 3D map-based visualisation tools combined with real-time data offer actionable insights for property managers and asset owners.

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For Enterprises

Digital transformation on the Qornerstone Estate platform is fast and easy with comprehensive modules for leasing, strata, finance and facilities management.


For Asset Owners

Whether you own a single building, or a portfolio of rental properties or a Council Member in an MCST, find out how digitalisation can reduce costs and improve transparency and accountability.


For Service Providers

Click here to see how Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) companies, Managing Agents (MAs) and sub-contractors streamline workflows and reduce reliance on manpower.

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