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Terms of Use

Effective date : 01/01/2021
Last updated : 25/04/2024



QuickPayTM payment service (“the Service”) is provided by Qornerstone Pte Ltd (“the Company”) and allows users to conveniently and securely make payments electronically to properties managed on Qornerstone property management platform (“Website”).


QuickPayTM offers the advantages of instant reconciliation of payments to invoices and receipt issuance by the Qornerstone system. The entire payments collection and receivables management process is automated resulting in benefits such as efficiency and productivity by eliminating manual errors, late payment disputes and unknown payments.


These terms and conditions (“Terms”) must be read and understood before accessing and/or using the Website and its Service. The Terms listed here govern the rights of both the user as well as the Company throughout the transaction process. It also represents a legally binding agreement between the Company and you as the user, and may make reference to terms of use of payment networks such as PayNowTM and other payment service providers. From time to time, the Terms may be revised and notices will be posted on all relevant Websites.


Legal Relationship


QuickPayTM is an online software application to assist users in making cashless payment at properties and estates which are managed on the Qornerstone platform. By using QuickPayTM, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and an independent relationship is established between you and the Company. All payments are decided and directed by you as the user and not by the Company. Monies that are paid by you shall be held separately from the Company’s funds and channelled to the beneficiary, less any platform fees that will be informed upfront to you.


The Website and Service only hosts, maintains and facilitates payment transactions over the Internet. We do not pose any authority and therefore will not be held responsible for any liability from using our service. We act as a facilitator to ensure the flow of information from the user to the user’s bank to effect the user’s intended payment to the recipient’s bank account.  For avoidance of doubt, the bank is the party that manages the flow of funds according to the user’s instructions as conveyed by our platform.




The Service allows transactions to be made according to:

  1. invoices or account statements issued using Qornerstone software;

  2. facility bookings and/or security deposits over the App; or,

  3. over-the-counter payments using PayNowTM dynamic QR codes generated from the Website (Qommunity Manager web portal)


When using the Service, the user agrees to pay the stipulated amount on the invoice plus stated platform fees by scanning on the PayNowTM QR code or tapping on payment button in the Qommunity Residents app.


The Company in the event of any loss or damages, will not be held liable regardless of the circumstance whether it be contract, tort, negligence, strict liability or other basis arising from the use and/or the access of our Service and/or Website. The exclusion clause is to be taken into full extent as permitted by law.





Transaction details such a beneficiary, amount and transaction ID with payer’s details are contained in the PayNowTM QR code which is unique and dynamically generated for each transaction. The system automatically recognises payments made by you and will update your records in the estate’s or property’s accounts receivables ledger. As a user, you must not attempt to edit the payment details after scanning the QR code. You must also refrain from making payments manually to Qornerstone QuickPay. Refunds of such off-system payments shall incur administrative charges determined by the Company, which will be charged to the user.





“Information” is defined as the information which is willingly shared with us throughout the registration, payment, store or any other feature of the service. Our platform facilitates the sharing of your information only to parties you intend to share such information with, such as the payment beneficiary.


The Company does not sell or rent personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your consent. Personal information shared with us will only be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy unless governed by authority. Protection of your information is of the highest importance to us.


Collection Account


In order to enable the automated reconciliation of payments to invoices by way of the unique transaction ID generated from Qornerstone, your payment may flow through a Collection Account held in the Company’s name at DBS Bank. This Collection Account may only be operated by way of automated server-to-server instructions and funds are transferred 2 times daily, in the morning and late night, to the beneficiary’s account. DBS has issued a formal letter stating it has no right of set-off as funds held in this Collection Account belongs to beneficiaries.


Trademark and copyright


All trademarks, service marks, copyrights which are displayed throughout the Website are the sole and exclusive of the Company’s property.


Unless prior written consent or permission is granted by the Company, any/all of the trademarks, service marks, copyright and logos which are displayed throughout the Website and mobile application, no licence or right is granted to any party accessing the platform to use, download, reproduce, copy or modify such trademarks, services marks or logos. Similarly, unless the prior written consent from the Company or the relevant proprietor has been obtained, no such trademark, service mark or logo may be used as a link or to mark any link to the Website or any other site.




By using the QuickPayTM  Website, software, and Services, you hereby agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the Company and in addition, do not hold the Company responsible for any and all liabilities, financial losses, expenses which may incur from the misuse of the service, breach of terms and conditions or infringement of intellectual property made towards the Company as a result of your use of services provided.

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