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visitor management system (VMS), app-based access 

controls, and license-plate recognition (LPR).

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The recently announced Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for Security, Cleaning and Landscaping will push up costs for residential condos and commercial MCSTs in Singapore. Hiring an entry-level guard is set to increase to $48,230 per annum by 2023. Taken together, these cost increases will push up management fees by 20~30%, an average increase of about $20 per month for each strata lot owner. 


Manpower takes up the BULK (> 70%) of your management budget. Save by automating access controls:  

1. Digital VMS to pre-register guests and grant access
2. Function for adhoc visitors to self-register
3. Access for Residents thru LPR and Qommunity app
All features available on Qommunity Resident app. Integrates with your existing car barrier and door locks, or new install. 


Carpark Access

  • License-plate recognition (LPR) camera
  • Access for residents and guests
  • Barrier release trigger in Qommunity app acts as back-up or low-cost option
  • Entry logs

Side Door Access

  • Door release in Qommunity app for Residents
  • Activated by scanning QR code on door
  • Visitors and adhoc visitors receive door release key in visitor access webform 

Registered Guests

  • Invitations to unit or common-area only
  • Guest access controlled by LPR camera or door release trigger on Visitor Access webform 
  • Notifications to Residents upon guest arrival
  • Visitor logs captured

Adhoc Guest Access

  • Adhoc visitors, delivery personnel register via online form 
  • Visitor Access card contains one-time use door release
  • Scan door release QR code to gain access
  • Visitor logs captured
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IoT Controller

  • Simple installation
  • Wifi or 4G compatible
  • Can be installed on any car barrier and electromagnetic (EM) lock
  • Controlled by door release key inside Qommunity app and visitor webform

Data Security

  • PDPA-compliant
  • Secure, encrypted transmission of data
  • Highest level of security on Microsoft Azure cloud-hosting

Why Choose Qommunity on Qornerstone? 

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Manpower-based contracts such as Security, Cleaning, Landscaping and MA, comprise more than 70% of monthly costs for MCST estates. By some estimates, the second round of PWM coming in 2023 will increase costs for MCST estates by another 20% - 30%. 

To save manpower costs, residential condos and commercial MCSTs need to take advantage of process automation. Instead of relying on headcount-based contracts to manage manpower-heavy processes, workflows can be digitalised and automated: 

  1. Financial processes like payments collections and purchase approvals 
  2. Operation processes like scheduled maintenance and supervision of term contractors 
  3. Security controls like admitting residents and registering visitors

 To successfully transform digitally, a lot more than just a condo portal app is required. Qommunity Resident is part of the Qornerstone platform for property management. By migrating onto Qornerstone, MCSTs can be managed with less manpower and more data for informed decision-making by strata councils.

Speak to any of our Managing Agent partners for how digitalisation can work in your estate. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Qommunity Access be used for facilities like the Gym and Tennis or Squash Courts so that only residents with valid bookings may enter?

Yes, each facility with an EM lock needs to be fitted with an IoT controller and 4G. Upon successful booking, the resident’s Qommunity app will display a softkey to the facility valid during time of booking. 

My estate already has LPR installed. Can it be integrated with Qommunity?

Yes, Qommunity already works with popular hardware from 10Tacle by Eaglevision and others. API integration may be required for LPR cameras from other companies. 

My estate does not have LPR cameras installed. Does Qommunity work without these?

Yes, you do not need to install LPR cameras since Residents can use the door release key in Qommunity to operate the barrier/door.

How quickly can this solution be implemented?

From 4-6 weeks if API integration is not required. Add another 2 months for API integration.

What is your pricing model?

 Option A for estates with existing LPR and door access: 

Monthly subscription with one-time API cost (optional, only if required). 


Option B for estates looking to own hardware with lower running costs: 

One-time costs for hardware installation combined with low monthly subscription for software license, support and maintenance. 


Option C for estates looking to spread out cost of investment: 

One monthly fee for hardware, software and support with contract of 36 months with no upfront costs, under an opex model. 


Do you offer all-in-one solutions with hardware and software included?

Yes, we offer all-in-one solution packages with Eaglevision, our hardware partner. To get started, contact us to arrange a site visit so that we can provide a quotation.

What warranty terms do you offer?

Hardware warranty depends on the vendor. Our software support and maintenance is included in the monthly subscription.