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Our Proven Smart Access Solution

Carpark Access

  • License-plate recognition (LPR) camera
  • Access for residents and guests
  • Barrier release trigger in Qommunity app acts as back-up or low-cost option
  • Entry logs

Side Gate Access

  • Door release in Qommunity app for Residents
  • Activated by scanning QR code on door
  • Visitors and adhoc visitors receive door release key in visitor access webform 


  • Deliveryman scans QR code at security stand
  • Enter Resident's floor & unit number
  • Call is made to Resident
  • Resident triggers entry for Deliveryman

Registered Guests

  • Invitations to unit or common-area only
  • Guest access controlled by LPR camera or door release trigger on Visitor Access webform 
  • Notifications to Residents upon guest arrival
  • Visitor logs captured

Adhoc Guest Access

  • Adhoc visitors, delivery personnel register via online form 
  • Visitor Access card contains one-time use door release
  • Scan door release QR code to gain access
  • Visitor logs captured

IoT Controller

  • Simple installation
  • Wifi or 4G compatible
  • Can be installed on any car barrier and electromagnetic (EM) lock
  • Controlled by door release key inside Qommunity app and visitor webform

Data Security

  • PDPA-compliant
  • Secure, encrypted transmission of data
  • Highest level of security on Microsoft Azure cloud-hosting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Qommunity Access be used for facilities like the Gym and Tennis or Squash Courts so that only residents with valid bookings may enter?

Yes, each facility with an EM lock needs to be fitted with an IoT controller and 4G. Upon successful booking, the resident’s Qommunity app will display a softkey to the facility valid during time of booking. 

My estate already has LPR installed. Can it be integrated with Qommunity?

Yes, Qommunity already works with popular hardware from 10Tacle by Eaglevision and others. API integration may be required for LPR cameras from other companies. 

My estate does not have LPR cameras installed. Does Qommunity work without these?

Yes, you do not need to install LPR cameras since Residents can use the door release key in Qommunity to operate the barrier/door.

How quickly can this solution be implemented?

From 4-6 weeks if API integration is not required. Add another 2 months for API integration.

What is your pricing model?

 Option A for estates with existing LPR and door access: 

Monthly subscription with one-time API cost (optional, only if required). 


Option B for estates looking to own hardware with lower running costs: 

One-time costs for hardware installation combined with low monthly subscription for software license, support and maintenance. 


Option C for estates looking to spread out cost of investment: 

One monthly fee for hardware, software and support with contract of 36 months with no upfront costs, under an opex model. 


Do you offer all-in-one solutions with hardware and software included?

Yes, we offer all-in-one solution packages with Eaglevision, our hardware partner. To get started, contact us to arrange a site visit so that we can provide a quotation.

What warranty terms do you offer?

Hardware warranty depends on the vendor. Our software support and maintenance is included in the monthly subscription.

Does the system generate a different QR code for each Resident to enter the estate?

Residents may enter side doors, and open facilities’ doors during booking slots, in just 3 simple steps: 

  1. Open Qommunity Resident app 
  2. Tap on Door icon to open QR code scanner 
  3.  Scan QR code pasted on the side door/facility door. 

If the QR code is just pasted on the door, how does the system authenticate and give access only to Residents?

Residents are authenticated upon login to Qommunity app. The system only grants access to Residents who use Qommunity app’s QR code scanner to scan the QR code on the door.

How does scanning the QR code trigger the lock to open the door?

When Residents use Qommunity app to scan the QR code on the door, Qommunity app communicates with the cloud server passing on information such as app user and door location; the cloud server then communicates with IoT controller to open the door lock. 

How can the Qommunity Resident app help when the guard is on break (meal/toilet), so they don't have to lift up the barrier?

Residents coming to the estate can open the door using Qommunity app, or LPR camera if installed. Adhoc visitors and delivery drivers can self-register their details into the system to gain entry. 

How does the app do the car plate number recognition and lift up barrier. Is this feature free of charge?

We offer 2 options for operating the car barrier/main gate, which is LPR camera and softkey inside Qommunity app. 

Option A (LPR): Residents’ and invited visitors’ pre-register their carplate number. The LPR will capture carplate and raise the barrier if valid. 

Option B: Residents use Qommunity app; invited visitors use an online Visitors Card; -> tap on Door Open icon which sends a signal over the internet to the car barrier IoT controller to open. 

Is there an Intercom feature? How does it work and does it require cabling?

Yes, we offer a digital intercom feature, which replaces legacy intercom systems. Visitors scan a QR code to open a web form, and punch in the unit number, which places a call to Residents’ registered mobile phone. Being a fully digital solution, no cabling is needed, which makes the system very cost-efficient.

The extent of manpower from management office involved in monitoring the system and in handling any glitches or breakdowns?

Manual override is required to open the car barrier or side door in case of breakdowns. However, the system offers a backup to LPR in the form of an in-app softkey to open the barrier. Furthermore, the system is very stable and breakdowns occur only if 4G coverage is disrupted.

What is the Total costs of ownership for the complete system?

The system is designed to be cost-efficient and reliable. Cost of ownership starts from only $450 per barrier with a recurring monthly fee of $250 for main gate; or $150 monthly for a side door.

Do you have a vendor that does automated gates?

Yes, our hardware partner Eaglevision is able to install autogate. 

Please advise on exit protocol

If exit tracking is required, an LPR camera, IoT controller and 4G modem needs to be installed at the exit lane. Cars can exit as usual and the system will capture and store exit details.

For delivery riders/visitors, what happens when the resident isn’t at home to unlock the entry door?

Estate needs to subscribe to our digital intercom solution, starting from $200 per month. Deliver riders / Visitors scan a QR code to open a web form, punch in the unit number, which places a call to Residents’ registered mobile phones for them to trigger the door release remotely.

Is the installation cost included in the package? Is the MCST needed to pay the monthly fee only?

We quote separately for the one-time installation cost, up to $2,500 per site, and hardware purchase costs. There is a separate recurring monthly fee for software and maintenance. Costs can also be combined into an Opex pricing model with just one all-in monthly fee over a 24-month contract period.

What if the delivery personnel key in the wrong unit number?

The call will be placed to the unit number keyed in. We may insert an additional field for the Resident's name in the future.

What are the Support options?

Support is provided as part of the monthly subscription fee and we will attend to all hardware and software glitches. All hardware comes with 12-month warranty. 

For emergency situations where there is a system glitch or an Internet outage, how can we operate the barrier/side door? Is there 24/7 support?

We can install a manual override button for Guards/Residents/MA to manually operate the barrier or side door; if re-using existing hardware, there may be an additional cost to install a manual override switch. We will train the relevant personnel on standard operating procedures (SOPs). 24/7 support is available but entails additional costs.