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 Qornerstone Asset

Transforming Commercial Property Management

Out with the paperwork! Digitally managed buildings cost less to maintain and require less manpower.

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What is Qornerstone Asset

Cloud-based software solutions to digitalise property management fully - from Sales to Operations and Finance.






For any kind of built asset

Positive ROI within one year, whether you're running a Foodcourt or a Township.




Pricing starts from $1,500 per building per month

Commercial Leasing

Prospecting & CRM Management

Leasing managers will love having a cloud-hosted CRM for managing prospective tenants with these features:

  1. 3-tier database

  2. Customer touchpoints

  3. Multi-user updates to Prospects database

  4. Lease negotiation

  5. Business case creation & submission

  6. Online approvals

  7. Online documentation

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Facilities Management

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Adhoc & Preventive Work Management

Free yourselves from paperwork! From now on, all you need is a tablet.

1. Feedback via Tenant app or public QR code

2. Auto creation of Work Orders (WOs)

3. Problem Codes in grand/parent/child structure enables granular reporting & predictive maintenance by AI

4. Auto assign WOs based on Problem Codes

5. Escalation based on Normal, Urgent, Critical

6. Staff app (Android, iOS) for technicians and contractors

Finance ERP

Bookkeeping, Automated

Welcome to modern, cloud-based accounting software. Mouse-clicks instead of key strokes. The system automates bookkeeping, so you can focus on reporting and generating useful insights for managing the business.

1. Customise Chart of Accounts

2. Create Profit Centres for reporting

3. Recurring Schedules

4. Automated double-entry

5. Automated GST (VAT) computation

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Property Management Companies

Digitally manage your building with 

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