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For the month of June, we will be covering the topic "MCST Digitalisation"

Suitable For:


Single building or strata lot owners

Single building owners, REITS, or strata lot owners including SPs and Council Members.


Managing Agents

Managing Agents, or MAs, looking to improve operating efficiency and deliver higher quality services.


IFM Service Providers

Integrated Facilities Management, or IFM, companies looking for technology solution to enhance returns for single owners.

Benefits of Digitalising

productive - webinar-1

Increased Productivity

Is there a way for MA and finance users to shorten your approval process, avoid human errors and increase your productivity? During this webinar we covered how that is possible! (insert video demo by russell)

epayments - webinar

Ease of Payment

Many are still afraid to use e-payment methods to manage their billings, and we understand that. Watch as we use our platform to perform the step by step process and how we mitigate the risk of fraud.


Missed out?

A transcript of what you missed out on (Link to blog post)

MCST Digitalisation FAQ:

How much does the system cost?

I guess maybe as much as 3 three years ago, we won’t be having this conversation and that's because cloud technology back then was was really, really expensive. But since then, right, the costs have come down considerably. And we are able to put this entire platform on the cloud and offer it as a monthly subscription to any managing agent or MCST in order to subscribe directly to our platform for as little as $1 per unit per month. So if you're, if you're living in an estate in 500 units, that will be 500 units per month for the entire system, including payments for receivables as well as payables. There are transaction fees associated for QuickPay, which is similar to giro. So some estates are collecting money using giro and that's charged by the bank at 20 cents per transaction. Our QuickPay is 29 cents per transaction.

Who buys the system, MA or MCST?

So right now, most of our customers are actually the managing agents and they purchase an enterprise license for the entire platform. However, we are also starting to see a trend where many MCSTs who wish to directly control and own their data, all their estate data, they are now starting to see the benefit of subscribing directly to the Qornerstone estate platform in order to do that

If my MA is using another system, can my estate still implement Qornerstone?

Yes, absolutely. We can train the MA to use the backend financial accounting system to do all the necessary buildings and payments collections quite easily. And then is that up to the estate to decide whether or not they wish to implement the work management modules as well. And then that will require training of the management site staff. But yes, definitely.

Are there transaction charges for Payables e-payments?

Okay, so there are two types of pay e-payments. There is receivables, which is collecting monies from your SPs and residents. And that's done using QuickPay. QuickPay the transaction charges are 29 cents per transaction. And the reason why it's slightly more expensive than giro is that, with QuickPay your SP can be using any banking account, the MCST can also be using any banking account. It doesn't matter, the payments still get routed through QuickPay immediately.

For receivables, the transaction charges 29 cents per transaction, and there is a $30 per month facility fee if the MCST is not operating DBS account, if the MCST is operating a DBS account that that fee is waived because this solution is actually a DBS solution that we had developed in collaboration with DBS and using DBS technology. So, then when it comes to accounts payables, then we are talking about giro or we are talking about corporate FAST. And the charges for that right is actually 20 cents for giro and 50 cents for FAST that's charged by the bank. If the MCST is using DBS, the first 30 payments every month are free. And that's part of this special type of account that DBS is providing for MCSTs using Qornerstone state.

How to implement and use Qornerstone to reap the time & cost savings going forward. What benefits do users get?

That's a very good question. We have quite a lot of experience now with MCSTs subscribing directly to our platform and we can usually get them up and running in as little as one month. The first step is then to export out all the strata title data, as well as financial accounting data, which can be done by your MA. And then from there, your MA can then export this data and upload it onto Qornerstone Estate. This process takes between two weeks to a month depending on how busy the MA staff is. Once that is done, the next step is then to implement Qommunity Resident app. And that could be as simple as printing the QR code onto the Statement of Account sending it out to all the SPs, in which case, SPs will be prompted to download the app, scan a QR code on the Statement of Account to login to their account. 

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