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safer way to vote

A safer way to vote

MCSTs are now allowed to hold their AGM and other general meetings electronically under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) announced on 27 April 2020. Estates can either defer AGMs up till 31 December 2020 or bring the AGM online. With Virtual AGM, estates can proceed with AGM plans virtually and SPs will vote digitally and safely from their homes.

Virtual AGM Features

Virtual AGM enables a fully-digital voting process that is secure, compliant and keeps voters safe.

User authentication with strata title roll – our software will verify SP voting eligibility and authenticate users

Electronic attendance-taking and quorum verification

Simple voting – SPs download the Qommunity Resident App and vote digitally

Live voting and real-time update of poll results

Secure e-voting by show of hands or share values with audit logs

Audit logs are saved digitally for submission, complying with BCA/Control Order requirements

Requirements in Holding Electronic MCST Meetings

“… a management corporation or subsidiary management corporation may provide that a subsidiary proprietor or person may only attend a meeting by observing and listening to the proceedings of the meeting by electronic means, if access to both an audio broadcast and audio-visual broadcast is provided to the subsidiary proprietor or person.” – from Control Order


MCSTs may only defer their AGM up till 31 December 2020.


Quorum is met by satisfying 3 criteria:

  • 1. attends meeting electronically,
  • 2. verified by Secretary,
  • 3. acknowledged by Chairman.

To be valid, e-voting must:

  • 1. Accurately count for and against votes,
  • 2. provide auditable voting records,
  • 3. Chairman must be able to count votes and declare results at the meeting,
  • 4. Chairman declaration of vote count for Council members must be recorded.

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Useful Resources on Virtual AGMs

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