Help your estate embrace a digital way of doing things

Eliminate manual data entry work for votes

Allows fully digital, paperless processes for AGM

Instant update of poll results

Undisputable voting results with audit logging


How does QouncilMeets work?


  1. Upload estate data onto Qornerstone platform
  2. Generate SOA with QR code
  3. SPs download Qommunity Resident App & activate user account by scanning QR Code
  4. Admin generates A/R report and toggle SPs’s voting rights (on/off)
  5. Admin creates motions for voting

During AGM

  1. Authenticate user identity through App and code poll on video-conference screen; Declare voter list & share values
  2. Chairman opens the poll for voting; Toggles poll/shares
  3. SPs vote via Qommunity Resident App
  4. Chairman closes the poll
  5. Poll results are shown instantly (For, Against, Abstain)
  6. Verify votes, announce results, audit logs saved


Submit electronic poll results to BMSM Portal

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Frequently Asked Managing Agent Questions

For New Customers:
Sign up for 1x AGM License fee @ $800 (top-up additional $100 for 12-months Qornerstone Estate Subscription)

For Existing Qornerstone Customers:
Sign up for 1x AGM License fee @ $200

Option 1: Onboard through Qommunity Estate.

  1. Import estate data onto Qommunity Estate platform
  2. Generate SOA with QR Code and mail them to SPs
  3. Residents download app and activate user account
  4. Vote through app during AGM

Option 2: Onboard manually through Qommunity Manager Portal 

  1. Manual key-in estate data into Qommunity Manager Portal
  2. Residents download Qommunity Resident App and activate account through QR Code or email address
  3. Vote through app during AGM
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