Virtual AGM | For Council Members

Keep the Estate safe with a Virtual AGM

Virtual AGM provides
convenience and saves time &
money associated with physical
AGM setup

Electronic attendance-taking
and quorum verification

Eliminates manual counting
of votes, and instant updates of
poll results

Undisputable voting results with
audit logging

How do Virtual AGMs work?



  • 1. Upload estate data onto
    Qornerstone platform
  • 2. Generate SOA with QR code
  • 3. SPs download Qommunity
    Resident App & activate user
    account by scanning QR Code
  • 4. Admin generates A/R report and
    toggle SPs’s voting rights (on/off)
  • 5. Admin creates motions for voting

During AGM

  • 1. Authenticate user identity
    through App and code poll on
    video-conference screen:
    Declare voter list & share values
  • 2. Chairman opens the poll for
    voting: Toggles poll/shares
  • 3. SPs vote via Qommunity Resident App
  • 4. Chairman closes the poll
  • 5. Poll results are shown instantly
    (For, Against, Abstain)
  • 6. Verify votes, announce results,
    audit logs saved


Submit electonic poll results to
BMSM portal

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Frequently Asked Council Member Questions

For New Customer

Sign up for 1x AGM License fee @ $800 (top-up additional $100 for 12-months Qornerstone Estate Subscription)

For Existing Qornerstone Customers:

Sign up for 1x AGM License fee @ $200

Option 1: Onboard through Qornerstone Estate.

  • 1. Import estate data onto Qornerstone Estate platform
  • 2.Generate SOA with QR Code and mail them to SPs
  • 3.Residents download app and activate user account
  • 4.Vote through app during AGM

Option 2: Onboard manually through Qommunity Manager Portal 

  • 1. Manual key-in estate data into Qommunity Manager Portal
  • 2. Residents download Qommunity Resident App and activate account through QR Code or email address
  • 3.Vote through app during AGM
  • 1. Arrange a call with us using the form below. We’ll be happy to answer your questions
  • 2.We will train your management staff on migrating data and using our system

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