Solution Components


Condo app to view and pay bills, book facilities, check announcements, submit e-forms.


Side door access, carpark access, and digital visitor management.


e-Payments and automated payment reconciliation for Receivables and Payables.


Strata title roll, recurring billings, late payment interest computation, financial accounting and reporting.


Feedback ticketing system, adhoc and scheduled maintenance, budgeting, estate reports, and task management app.


Property & Units Manager

Property & Units Manager

Manage property, equipment and asset records, owners' information and owners' correspondence records up to individual units.

Property Charges Manager

Property Charges Manager

Manage service charges, conservancy charges, maintenance fees, sinking funds, and interest computations.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

For managing facilities, equipment and asset maintenance records and monitoring performance; includes system alerts for license, permit and warranty renewals.

Recurring Billings Manager

Recurring Billings Manager

Automate recurring billings and batch print invoices for hardcopy mailing or PDFs sent through system email.

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Condo portal app for residents and tenants.

Key features:

a. View and pay estate bills (using PayNow)

b. Live balance update in-app

c. Book facilities and pay fees and deposits using Estate Credit function

d. Report feedback

e. View announcements and estate documents

f. Submit e-applications

No tracking of user data across other apps and sharing with 3rd parties for marketing purposes.

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More than just a portal app:

Eliminate paperwork and drive up productivity by digitalising all workflows in your estate from end to end.

Automate Financial Processes with e-Payments

Implement e-payments to collect from Residents and pay to suppliers.

Generate invoices with unique PayNow QR codes. SPs simply scan to pay - no need to key in payment information. Payments are automatically reconciled and MCST's accounting ledgers updated in real-time.

Benefits of e-Payments:

  • No more disputes with SPs over payments
  • Safe, secure and complete
  • No more monies sitting in Unknown account
  • Faster closing of month-end accounts
  • More secure than cheques for paying suppliers
  • Increase productivity and save money for the estate

Increase Site Staff Productivity by Eliminating Paperwork

Reduce complexity by moving all stakeholders onto a single integrated platform. Residents report feedback thru Qommunity app, which is managed by site staff digitally all the way to issuing POs and creating supplier invoice payments.

Key features:

  • Adhoc maintenance work ticketing system
  • Scheduled maintenance for estate SOPs
  • Suppliers and supplier contracts in one place
  • Track compliance with service standards
  • Reporting on response time and down time
  • Informed decision making with data

Monthly subscription

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$1.50 per unit per month all-inclusive license with minimum $50 per month fee.


- Qommunity app

- eFAMs app

- Qornerstone Estate 

- QuickPay for Receivables

- Direct Debit for Payables

Digital Visitor Management and LPR

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LPR: $650 per lane per month.

Side door access: $0.50 per unit per month.

Subject to confirmation after site visit.

Enterprise license

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Unlimited number of properties, units and user accounts. Requires one-time upfront payment of Enterprise software license followed by annual recurring cloud hosting, support and maintenance fees.


- Qommunity app (white labelling available with fee)

- eFAMs app

- Qornerstone Estate

- QuickPay (transaction and facility fees apply)

- Direct Debit collections and payments to suppliers

- Customisation of reports (charges apply)


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Something for everyone


For Enterprises

Develop customized solutions built on Qornerstone property, leasing and facilities management software at a fraction of the cost and time-to-deployment compared to full turnkey projects.  


For Managing Agents​

Reduce manual processes and enjoy greater productivity gains through software automation.  Take on more estates under management without increases to staffing.


For Council Members​

Improve your oversight on the estate management through real-time dashboards on key estate indicators and retain control of estate data with records stored securely on the cloud.