Control of property data is retained by the estate.


Prevent loss of information during changeovers of estate managers


End-to-end automation of invoicing, collections and bank reconciliation.


Instant access to live data.


Financial reporting at the click of a button.


Property & Units Manager

Property & Units Manager

Manage property, equipment and asset records, owners' information and owners' correspondence records up to individual units.

Property Charges Manager

Property Charges Manager

Manage service charges, conservancy charges, maintenance fees, sinking funds, and interest computations.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

For managing facilities, equipment and asset maintenance records and monitoring performance; includes system alerts for license, permit and warranty renewals.

Recurring Billings Manager

Recurring Billings Manager

Automate recurring billings and batch print invoices for hardcopy mailing or PDFs sent through system email.

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Something for everyone


For Enterprises

Develop customized solutions built on Qornerstone property, leasing and facilities management software at a fraction of the cost and time-to-deployment compared to full turnkey projects.  


For Managing Agents​

Reduce manual processes and enjoy greater productivity gains through software automation.  Take on more estates under management without increases to staffing.


For Council Members​

Improve your oversight on the estate management through real-time dashboards on key estate indicators and retain control of estate data with records stored securely on the cloud.