QuickPay™ is the Better Way to Pay

Stop manually filling in payment details – it’s all automatic (and secure!)

No more lost payments – you get a receipt as proof instantly

Pay at your own time and convenience

2 Ways to Pay

Through the App

  1. Download the Qommunity Resident App
  2. Open the App and scan QR code on Statement of Account to activate user account
  3. Log-in to your banking app through Qommunity Resident App
  4. Pay with one tap

Through QR Codes

  1. Receive your Statement of Account with QR code on tearaway portion
  2. Open your preferred mobile banking app
  3. Scan to pay

Qornerstone is a solutions provider trusted by these companies:

Ask your estate to adopt QuickPay™ and get referral vouchers!

  1. Get your Chairman’s email address from the management office
    (Don’t settle for the condo’s email address – emails may get buried)
  2. Send an email to your Chairman and ask him to visit qornerstone.com/quickpay
  3. Declare that you are getting $20 in grocery vouchers from us (please be transparent)
  4. Arrange a call with us using the form below
  1. Introduce QuickPay to your estate and we will reward you with S$20 worth of NTUC vouchers
  2. But be sure to inform the Chairman so there’s no conflict of interest
  3. In the case of multiple referrals, vouchers are awarded based on the first person on record to make the referral
  • No. Vouchers are awarded based on verified conversations we have with your estate managers
  • There is no obligations to buy the software! We are confident about the compelling benefits of QuickPay™ for residents and your estate, and leave the relevant estate managers to evaluate and consider the adoption of QuickPay™ to simplify estate payments
  1. Vouchers are awarded based on confirmed estate meetings.
  2. If your estate accepts the meeting, a voucher will be rewarded. 
  3. Our team will be in touch with the resident about collection.

Refer your estate below

If you are referring your estate, please provide your name, email and contact number in the “leave a message” section and fill in your estate Chairman’s details on the form.