QuickPay™ allows you to go fully paperless when managing your MCST

Full-fledged financial accounting system: recurring bills, supplier management, asset recording.

Fully-integrated reporting system: fault reporting & management, supplier management and asset maintenance.

Back-end systems are updated automatically – greatly increasing productivity.

Estate residents transact on the app – no more over-the-counter interruptions for account balance enquiries, payments, bookings or service requests.

Information stored digitally lets you search electronically instead of digging through paper files.

Powered by DBS, QuickPay™ uses industry-leading payment standards to stay secure at all times.

How do Residents Pay?

Through an App

  1. Download the Qommunity Resident App
  2. Open the App and scan QR code on Statement of Account to activate user account
  3. Log-in to your banking app through Qommunity Resident App
  4. Pay with one tap

Through a QR Code

  1. Receive your Statement of Account with QR code on tearaway portion
  2. Open your preferred mobile banking app
  3. Scan to pay

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How much does it cost, and who pays what?

A small transaction fee is added to the bill when SPs or tenants pay by QuickPay™. 

How small?

  • 29 cents for low value payments up to $100
  • 99 cents for payments more than $100

To adopt QuickPay™, your MCST estate must first subscribe to Qornerstone Estate
property management platform. Enjoy a 6-month free trial if your Estate is with DBS.

Thereafter, your estate pays $1 per unit per month (min. fee of $50 applies).

If the MA company decides to purchase the license, cost is flat at $100 per month (less
30% for ASM members)

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  • Ask us why leading MAs like CBM, Knight Frank, Chambers, PFS and others rely on our platform.
  • Speak to your Council about QuickPay™.
  • We will train you on migrating data and using the back-end to manage the financial accounting and run recurring billings

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