Suitable For:


IFM Companies

Modern world-class asset management platform with CMMS, multi SOR, supplier and asset management.



Integrated, all-in-one cloud solution for MCST management with mobile app, billing, accounting and e-payments.


Property Owners

Increase rental yields with a leading lease management platform with integrated mobile app for delivering higher customer satisfaction.

Inter-connected platform for property management



Includes every feature needed for MCST management like strata database, recurring billings, late payment interest, QuickPay collections and GIRO for payables.



Powerful lease management software with GTO billings, tiered rents, automated income accounting, and all the reports you need.



Move to smart FM and link outcomes to expenses with automated KPI tracking based on problem codes – whether scheduled or ad-hoc maintenance.



Mobile app for tenants or strata owners to view and pay bills with PayNow, book facilities, post classified, and invite guests. None of what you don’t need more of; like data-sharing with 3rd parties or ads!

Cost Saving

Cost Savings

Cut the paperwork and manual processing by digitalising with Qornerstone and watch productivity soar.

Value added

Receivables Made Simple

Offer greater convenience to tenants/owners with QuickPay e-payments and automated payment reconciliation.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Resident feedback no longer goes into a black hole but is captured and managed electronically with KPI reporting at every step.

Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS)

Why choose ADS for Qornerstone Estate?

You get the full Enterprise License and all the modules. Unlimited estates, unlimited user accounts, data uploads, as many different books as you can handle.

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Who should go for ADS?

If you’re managing more than 5 FM sites. Or more than 10 MCST projects. Or more than 100 rental contracts.

How much is the grant?

After grant subsidy or 80% on License cost and 1st year’s recurring fees, you can expect to pay between $20K~$30K before GST. 

Other charges?

Yearly fees from Year 2 onwards of $18K~$30K for hosting, maintenance and support. Depends on number of estates you have on the system.

Other transaction fees may apply for QuickPay e-payments and InvoiceNow.

Who is eligible?

Got 30% local Singaporean shareholders? Your company is eligible.

How to apply?

No need to write a grant application. We apply on your behalf with these documents from you:

  • ACRA Bizfile (less than 6 mths)
  • Signed management accounts
  • Signed quotation

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

Why choose PSG for Qornerstone Estate?

If you’re looking to digitalise with a low monthly recurring subscription and minimal upfront costs. Starts from as little as $50 per month.

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Who should go for PSG?

If you’re managing 3 or less sites for FM. Or less than 10 MCST projects and don’t intend to take on more.

How much is the grant?

Subsidizes up to 80% of total monthly subscriptions for the first year. 

What are the available PSG solution bundles?

Download this table.

Who is eligible?

30% local shareholding and meets SME criteria (less than 200 staff, less than $100M revenue).

How to apply?

Speak to us about your requirements and we’ll send you a quotation. Apply at Business Grants Portal.

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