Parkway Pantai
Facility & BME Management

Parkway Pantai, Ltd. is Southeast Asia’s largest private healthcare provider, and one of the largest in Asia.
Parkway Pantai’s hospitals & clinics in Singapore utilizes UBERIQ for Facilities and BME management.

Parkway Pantai is one of Asia’s largest integrated private healthcare providers operating in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Greater China and Brunei. For over 40 years, its Mount Elizabeth, Gleneagles, Pantai, Parkway and Fortis brands have established themselves as the region’s best known brands in private healthcare, synonymous with best-in-class patient experience and outcomes.

In Singapore, Parkway Pantai is the largest private healthcare operator offering a wide range of healthcare services from primary to quaternary care as well as ancillary services and medical education. It operates five hospitals in Singapore with its Mount Elizabeth, Gleneagles and Changi East hospitals widely recognised as household names for private healthcare.

Parkway Pantai faced several challenges relating to the numerous manual processes and paper-based workflows for handling work orders, coupled with the inability to track and gain visibility on manpower allocation and staff performance. Under its old system, work order had to be printed out as paper forms and manually assigned to technicians, which often led to issues:

  • Paper forms were easily lost and work orders were not attended to. Complaints flowed in and caused frustration for staff, while visitors and patients often encountered less than ideal ward conditions;
  • Equipment performance and maintenance was inadequately tracked, which complicated renewal and replacement decisions;
  • Staff were under-motivated as their performance was not tracked and evaluated while work orders continued piling up;

Staff were using their own methods to track and monitor the work orders raised. Hence, there was a lack of visibility in manpower allocation and performance.

The Ask

Parkway Pantai’s Facilities Management (FM) team needed a technology to meet the needs of a full-facilities hospital from ensuring the proper maintenance of mission-critical systems to the mundane but no less important task of cleaning and sterilizing wards.

The Solution


After a formal evaluation and tender process, Parkway Pantai implemented the Qornerstone Asset solution as it was able to meet most of its needs with minimal customization. This offered the advantage of timely deployment of the system as project implementation took only months.


Asset is a ready solution for cloud-based facilities management, asset tracking, maintenance & performance monitoring, work order and vendor management with support for centralised operations and a mobile app for on-site technicians and ground staff.


With support for real-time fault reporting and clear escalation paths together with algorithm-based assignation of work orders to qualified technicians based on expertise and location, the backlog of work orders was soon cleared. Facilities maintenance and upkeep was transformed into an enterprise-wide endeavour with frontline staff empowered with the Asset FM mobile app for reporting faults. Data entered by frontline staff is captured in the system in a structured manner, thus allowing for more useful reporting intelligence. Meanwhile, ground staff appreciated the flexibility of reporting attendance and managing their work with push notifications of tasks through the Staff mobile app.


One of the main app features is the attachment of images and even videos. This allowed frontline staff to attach images to illustrate the fault being reported, while technicians use the feature to update work order status and task completion. Feedback are then gathered from frontline staff, who then rate the quality of work done by technicians. All data captured through the app are recorded in real-time, thereby eliminating the need for manual processes. No longer were work orders being assigned without knowing the relative workload of each technician.


One key benefit of the implementation was the greater visibility offered to Parkway Pantai management on work order status, manpower allocation, with the ability to monitor staffing KPIs and service standard benchmarks.
Seamless integration with Parkway Pantai’s Finance system meant that payments to vendors are quickly processed for completed work orders.

Visible Results

Asset is deployed to a total of 78 properties under Parkway Pantai, comprising of 4 hospitals, 59 clinics, 8 offices and 1 laboratory, with a base of more than 5,700 staffs.

– Time take to resolve a work order: The average time taken to resolve a work order has reduced from XXX to XXX.
– The work orders undertaken per staff

In comparison from XXX to XXX (period), the number of work orders reported through the mobile app has increased from XXX to XXX. Internal staffs have adopted the convenience of reporting faults through the app.