Knight Frank
Facility & Leasing Management

Knight Frank Property Asset Management Pte Ltd (KFPAM) is one of the largest properties and asset management companies in Singapore with a portfolio of more than 130 strata-titled estates under management.

With the increasing complexity and scale of its business in Singapore, KFPAM’s needs had outgrown its existing facilities management software developed in-house. Specifically, KFPAM needed a cloud-based, networked solution able to efficiently and securely store information and provide better visibility on manpower and resource allocation.

“With more estates under management and faced with escalating operating costs, we needed access to live data in order to efficiently plan the allocation and use of manpower resources,” said Peter See-Toh, Head of FM for KFPAM. “Furthermore, we felt that a cloud-based solution would help us to achieve the economies of scale we were looking for, and help us to leverage data from our operations.”

The Ask

All this meant that KFPAM needed to move from a locally installed software to a cloud-based, networked solution; from working with a software vendor to a strategic partner able to solution for their long-term needs.

The Solution


After a detailed and in-depth tender process where IBASE was invited to quote together with other technology companies, KFPAM decided on the Qornerstone Asset and Lease solutions from IBASE Technology Pte Ltd.


This decision was made based on the completeness of the Qornerstone platform and how well it served the many unique workflows employed by KFPAM FM team. In addition, the implementation included the development of a staff/contractor mobile app which was used to improve communication between the KFPAM central operations team, ground staff and term contractors, thereby increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the facilities management team.

Work Order

When submitting a work order, app users attach images of the fault to provide visual information for the contractors. Once work is completed, contractors share images of the resolved work and closes the work order. With improved communication between staffs and contractors, time taken to complete a work order is shortened.


Lease is our cloud-based solution with deep workflows for tenant management, consolidation of lease portfolios, and calculating monthly rentals. Knight Frank’s lease management processes are digitalised, providing better visibility and as a result, a bird’s eye view on occupancy status. The marketing team can use the data collected to help their clients advertise more effectively.

Visible Results

Our solution was deployed to more than 150 properties (130 or 150??). Knight Frank uses our system to show their ability in managing clients’ estates and facilities in a smarter and more efficient way. Visibility on occupancy status helps Knight Frank to market the properties at the right timing. With processes streamlined, manpower cost is reduced as lesser headcount is required to manage the same portfolio.

> 150

“When it comes moving away from paper-based processes, the Qornerstone platform has been invaluable. Our processes are now more streamlined and staff productivity is greatly enhanced with Asset in place. The software has been instrumental in helping us digitalize our facilities management operations. We are very pleased with the outcomes from this implementation and look forward to expanding our business with support from the Qornerstone platform.”

Peter See-Toh
Head of FM for KFPAM