Condos can benefit from Digitalisation too, here's how

MCST Council Members Sleep Better Knowing Their Estate Data is Securely Under Their Direct Control

For just $1 per unit per month, you can enjoy peace of mind from knowing all your estate data is secure and under your direct control. Qornerstone is an all-in-one solution for MCST management used by many MAs in Singapore including Chambers, PFS, Wisely, and others. Now many Council members are starting to see the benefits of directly subscribing to the Qornerstone platform to directly own and control their estate data.


How can I prevent data loss when I change Managing Agent
With most MCSTs entrusting their estate records and data to the Managing Agent, a situation arises whenever the Council decides to change the MA. How do you ensure all data records are handed over from the outgoing to the incoming MA intact? The simple answer is that it can’t be done. Not when estate records are kept in easily lost paper files.

In 2016, a far-sighted Council for an estate called Casablanca in Singapore had the foresight to anticipate this situation and subscribed directly to Qornerstone. Since then, the estate has change their MA twice with no loss of data and enjoyed two seamless MA transitions.


Why MCSTs need more than just a condo portal app
There is a huge difference between digitalising your estate’s operations versus simply deciding to use a condo portal app for facilities bookings and sending out notifications. That’s why Management Councils should consider an app like Qommunity Resident, which is linked to the Qornerstone ERP platform for billings and work management.


cost saving

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Convenience with Cost Savings
By allowing SPs to check their bills and pay through the Qommunity Resident app or PayNow, SPs enjoy greater convenience and utility, while the estate saves on printing and postage. SPs no longer need to call the MA to get their latest balance, putting up with delays in the meantime, and can just check the app for instant access to up-to-minute information.

paper filing

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Better informed decision-making with data
Management Councils are called upon to make many important decisions that affect short-term liveability in the estate and asset values in the longer term. To make better informed decisions, Council members need a digital ERP platform like Qornerstone that captures data that can be used later to inform decisions. Council can make better-informed decisions when it comes to asset lifecycle management, whether to keep, renew or replace, as their MA is able to instantly access and provide all past maintenance records of every asset in the system.

For example, Council members are able to access past maintenance records to analyse the number of scheduled and unscheduled (or adhoc) maintenance calls required to service a particular lift, then benchmark against the other lifts in the estate. It would be almost impossible to do this with current paper-based processes but only requires a few clicks on Qornerstone.

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Greater management visibility
Council members enjoy greater visibility on estate upkeep matters such as whether regular maintenance work has been properly scheduled and completed. They can see that MA is responding to adhoc repair requests from residents on a timely basis.

Residents’ feedback is tracked electronically and MA is accountable for ensuring their feedback loop is closed. Ultimately, this leads to a lower cost of ownership and better outcomes for strata lot owners and their property assets.

data privacy

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Data Privacy
By choosing Qornerstone Estate with a nominal subscription cost of $1 per unit per month, your personal browsing data is protected as we do not monetise through data sharing. As this recent study “Same meal, different fees: Delivery charges vary in unexpected ways” by NUS economists show, there’s no such thing as a free app when your browsing data is being shared with other apps for discriminatory pricing practices.


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