Will You Lose Your Job to ChatGPT, Automation or Digitalisation?


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The answer is a clear and resounding No. 


As someone on the digitalisation frontlines, I can speak with some conviction. I have worked with 20-plus property management companies to transform their Finance and Operations digitally, and I can attest to this: Digitalisation does not take away jobs, it creates new ones. 


Take, for example, bookkeeping jobs in Finance.


Where previously a bookkeeper would manually reconcile payments during bank reconciliation, this process is entirely automated on Qornerstone.com system. Essentially, this makes bookkeeping tasks redundant. 


"What? Isn't that taking away a job?" I hear you ask. Well yes, the bookkeeping is gone, but that's a good thing. Instead of spending hours transcribing receipts manually, the former bookkeeper can now function as an analyst, benchmarking expenditures and evaluating outcomes against SLAs.


By upskilling, she takes home more pay than before and adds greater value to the estate.